Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Problem in Computer Start Up

If you have problem like this :
" My computer sometimes starts and sometimes I have to start it several times before it will get going. Sometimes in the start up process it will freeze at various times, and if it does start completely, in a few minutes it freezes again! Stupid computer. "

you definitely do not want this to happen on your computer. This may be some explanation of the problem :

1. If the computer starts beeping during startup it means something isn't plugged in right.

2. If you've recently upgraded it you need to makesure your power supply still provides enough wattage for the new components.

3. If you have a DX9 graphics card you need to check what version your PC is using to makesure it hasn't gone up to DX10 or 11. Type dxdiag in the command run prompt and it'll tell you the version number. Higher versions cause your PC to supply to much power to DX9 graphic cards.

4. New memory can cause problems especially if they aren't the same brand. If you've installed some try switching them to a differant combination in the motherboard slots.

5. Make sure everything that plugs into the computer is firmly seated, especially the power-lead.

6. Sounds like a dying power supply, unless you've added a new video card that your current power supply just can't handle.

7. Faults with individual components like memory, video and cpu usually result in a series of beeps to help you diagnose what's wrong, but you don't get that with power supply problems.

8. You've been messing with the BIOS settings.
BIOS settings can be changed by entering Set-Up during boot. Onscreen you should see instructions on how to enter Set-Up, usually by pressing F2 or Delete.
Once in Set-Up you will see an option to reset back to it's Default settings. Save & exit.

9. You've been messing about inside and have power/hardware plugged in to the wrong sockets.

10. Could also be your computer is full of dust. Only way to clean that is to open her up and blow out the dust, remembering anti-static rules.